I have had the pleasure to work with Wendi Gale and Artistry in Plants where I acquired so much more than work experience. Working alongside Wendi has been an experience like no other. Before I met Wendi, I had not direction, no goals, and no hope for the dreams that I hoped to accomplish. At first, the job was just another job but I received more than a pay check . I was trusted, and depended on which I had not experienced much from others.

There were so many times where you would see something in me that I didn't yet see in myself and she broke my walls down. We began to grow together after a couple of months, talking with one another about personal issues that held us both back and things that we have overcome and wished to overcome. You proved to be someone I could trust and I didn't not want to disappoint her. You made me believe in myself. When I was presented the opportunity to pursue my high school diploma through a program named Gateway to College, I declined because I wanted to work. You encouraged me to do go for it. You explained to me the importance of my education and how it could allow me to obtain the dreams that I had thought to be dead.

I was able to work and attend school which was a real issue, especially for me because I needed to work and I also needed my education. These new responsibilities made me feel like I was a man, and like I had accomplished so much. From an unstructured life of partying, staying up late, and wasting time, I emerged with a fulltime school schedule, and a fulltime job.  You were there from the time I started until I finished with my high school diploma and has continued to care for me even when we are distant.

Wendi, you have done so much for me that I have changed my purpose for continuing to further my education. At first I was doing it for others; I wanted to make others happy and proud of me. But when I felt that I was failing, I would be a shamed at myself and I would project how I felt on the people who were there to help push me along. You have helped me understand that it should be different. If I do anything, it must be for myself before anybody. I am the only one who can put the power and the passion behind anything that I pursue. No one will love something as much as I will. You taught me to have faith in myself even when others didn't have it in me. You showed me that I can do anything with the right support group and trusting in those who have my best interest. Whenever someone asks me what brought you to change my life, I tell them a very special person in my life showed me a side of life that I had never seen before, encouraged me, enlightened me, and trusted me.  Auntais Faulkner January 15, 2016