With an unyielding passion for design and its relationship to natural and man made forms, Artistry In Plants practice a progressive blend of landscape architecture, embracing utility while exploring relevance and innovation in outdoor planning. Artistry In Plants incorporates organically grown unique plants of quality and diverse in texture and colour, shrubs and trees with architectural interest,  and local artwork authentic to your unique architectural styles, service needs, personality, and economics. If a dry creek bed, water feature, or boulders for accents are required, we provide all the necessary materials and construct this for you.  Artsirty In Plants has been involved in a diverse mix of projects which include residential landscapes, spaces for worship, schools, and corporate entries and patios. 

Consultations and Evaluations

Consultations are free and represent a unique opportunity to...

...listen to your dream, wants, concerns, and budget.

..identify new design solutions that create a sense of time and place.

...enhance your homestead’s value.

...find solutions that are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Prior to beginning work on your homestead we anayze and discuss with you issues of sunlight, humidity and temperatures, soils and topography, existing plant characteristics, water issues or needs, maintenance factors, wildlife concerns, and cost. 

Maintenance Services

Artistry In Plants provides comprehensive garden room maintenance programs that include inspection and appropriate watering; flora and arbor pruning; positioning, rotation and seasonal preventive pest control, and fertilization using certified organic products to maintain the highest standards and healthiest interior or exterior environment. Our programs can further include leaf blowing, edging, lawn cutting, annual aeration, and seeding. 

Personalized Professional Landcape Design & Decor