Artistry In Plants is already well recognized in Durham and Chapel Hill for the major impact and beautification  to  entryways and patios that its vibrant and textural container gardens provide. We serve schools, restaurants and other business owners, places of worship, and other public spaces with custom designed, installed, and maintained container gardens of all types. Please call us for a free consultation at 919.225.5573.

Containers also expand useful landscape space while adding versatility to gardens large and small. With proper positioning they may:

·    highlight the unique colour, texture and form of a plant.

·    be a focal point in the garden.

·    present a gesture of softness or a bold statement.

·    provide an easy to achieve seasonal change.

·   marry the architecture and style of the house to the surrounding landscape.

·    lend instant colour in shaded areas.

  provide opportunities for variety and diversity of plants including edibles

Container gardens offer many benefits whether they are a stand alone, integrated into a garden, or amassed. They are:

·    make gardening accessible for those with limited mobility and the elderly.

·    low maintenance.

·    have fewer problems with weeds or pests than a garden bed.

·    provide opportunities for variety and diversity of plants including edibles.

Container Gardening