Artistry In Plants Commitment ... to contribute to the people of Durham a sense of well-being and to enhance the long-term health of our planet by bringing plants, artwork and people together in homes, workplaces, and outdoor living spaces. Artistry In Plants believe that plants are live art and are an essential element of ecologically friendly designs.

... is to employ the policies and guidelines established by the U.S. Green Building Council to ensure sustainable and environmentally sound practices that contribute to a cost effective custom interior or exterior design of beauty, healthful quality of air, and people‚Äôs productivity and serenity. to give back to our community through the donation of plants, education of young people, and dedicating time and work efforts toward your causes.

... to offer employment opportunities to adjudicated young people. 

... a commitment to listen thoughtfully and to work cooperatively with our partners.

...being governed by and continuously educated on up-to-date scientific and research based information and best practices.

... being fully licensed and insured.

... use of only organic, ecologically-friendly products from flora to fertilizers.

... our strong collaborative efforts with quality local nurseries such as Architectural Trees, Camellia Forest, Get Rooted, Niche Gardens, Plant Delights, Unique Plantsand others.

...more than thirty years experience in organic plant propagation, installation and maintenance.

...our established collaborations with expert companies whose specialty ranges from drainage. irrigation, lawn care, tree removal and other outdoor landscape needs.

...our long term relationships with artisans whose work contributes to  more aesthetic communities of Durham,  Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas.

Company Success is the result of...